Venture Engineering and Science
March Break Day Programs
March 13-17 2017

For Grades 5-8


This year Venture Engineering and Science Program is bringing the Stoney Creek/ Winona/Niagara area its’ very first satellite camp during the March Break.  At McMaster Venture Engineering and Science March Break program, we will encourage kids to be creative and innovative, building awesome projects while getting the chance to understand more about the engineering and science behind the projects they build.  

Come join McMaster Venture Engineering and Science program this March Break as we get hands on designing, exploring, and creating all week long! If you’re in grades 5-8 you can sign up for one day or the whole week, as each day is different to allow kids to pick and choose what interests them most. We will be taking a further look at biomimicry, programming and robotics, chemistry, electricity and circuits, Rube Goldberg Machines and much more….

You may register for one day or all week ($45.00 per day, per child) each day will have different projects full of hands on fun that incorporate elements of engineering and science.

Location: St.Johns Anglican Church Hall 1285 HWY 8, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5K5

Time: 9:00am- 4:00pm Monday- Friday of March Break

Grades: 5-8

    Registration is now closed      

Daily Schedule of projects:

Monday March 13 2017: Biomimicry
Animals and insects have been around a lot longer than humans, which only means one thing; they have a lot to teach us! Biomimicry is all about trying to mimic biology on the smallest and largest scale imaginable to incorporate these ideas into our own designs of the objects we use every day like the planes we fly, and the structures we build. Take ideas from nature as you design your own green-energy generating tower; build your own insulation system and much more!

Tuesday March 14 2017: Programming
Technology has become such an intricate part of our everyday life, but do you know what’s really happening inside our mobile devices? Through this exciting hands-on experience students will learn about computer programming and how to apply this knowledge throughout our day of exhilarating projects. Develop your knowledge by coding on computers, programming a robot and much more!

Wednesday March 15 2017: Chemistry
Isn’t the baking soda and vinegar volcano getting a little old and played out? We think so too! That’s why we want to offer a day full of chemistry projects that we think is a little more interesting than your old, stereotypical, worn out science fair project. Make magnetic slime, build your own bath fizzies, perform chemical reactions and much more!

Thursday March 16 2017: Electricity & Circuits
Every time we flick a light switch and a light turns on we just assume that’s part of everyday life, but do you know what is happening behind the scene for that to work. Learn about electricity through a hands-on experience where you’ll design and build your own circuits. Discover what you can do with electricity and become your own engineer. Design your own video game controller, make your own light saber and more much!

Friday March 17 2017: Rube Goldberg
Are you the type that likes to over complicate the simplest of tasks? If yes, this day is perfect for you! Kids will get the chance to learn about the different types of motion and how systems work together, and of course spend a day building their very own Rube Goldberg Machine!

Parents Reminder:
1) Bring packed lunch (peanut free)
2) Running shoes must be worn
3) Students should wear Comfortable clothes
4) Send students with appropriate outdoor clothes to be worn outside on lunch break

Please note: Supervision is between 8:45am- 4:15pm (there is no extended care offered)
Parents have to bring a piece of ID with them to pick up their child

For more information contact Carm Vespi at or 905-525-9140 ext. 24906.