All students are welcome at Venture!

Venture Engineering and Science Camp is entering its 26th year. In 2016, 1876 students attended our summer program. These students participated in range of exciting activities, hands-on projects and lab experiments created to stimulate interest and knowledge in the fields of Engineering, Science, and Computers.

Our goal is to make the summer Venture Camps accessible to every student who wants to participate. We realize that financial considerations make it difficult for some parents to send their children to Camp.

We are pleased to announce that we now offer a Venture Bursary Program. Through the generous support of many of our Venture Camp sponsors, we are able to provide these bursaries, which will help us ensure that EVERY child has the opportunity to experience Venture.

The bursary program is limited and is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and is only available for

week 1: Engineering & Science (July 4-8, 2017.)


Bursary Application Process

  1. Complete the Venture 2017 Registration (No longer accepting applications for summer 2017)
  2. Print out and complete in ink OR save the form as a PDF and complete electronically. Read carefully and fill out the form entirely.
  3. Write a letter explaining your financial situation.
  4. Provide a copy of your 2016 tax summary to confirm your financial situation.
  5. Submit your Bursary Application attached as a PDF by email to vespi@mcmaster.ca OR send by fax to (905) 546-5492 OR bring it to our office (1280 Main Street W, John Hodgins Engineering Building Room A201D)


  • Online registrations will not accept bursary requests. Please do not register your child online if you are applying for a bursary.
  • Each request for a bursary is individually approved by Ms. Carm Vespi, Manager, Alumni Relations, with complete discretion. The registration will be entered manually by the office. All Bursary applications will be kept confidential. Please contact Carm Vespi for more information at vespi@mcmaster.ca, or call (905) 525-9140, ext. 24906.
  • If you are awarded a bursary, the remaining balance must be paid by credit card or cash only.


Other Venture Bursary Programs:

Venture Scholarship for Girls

Venture Indigenous Scholarships

McMaster Alumni Bursary Program:

Past Venture Staff have decided to help support the future of children and Venture Camp Programs by establishing this bursary fund to ensure children have the opportunity to enjoy camp experience.  Throughout 25 years of this camp, children have been enlightened and excited to learn about Engineering, Science, Computers and Technology through hands-on experiences and creative opportunities provided by such individuals.  The page has been created to recognize these individuals. Thank you Venture alumni for your contributions!