Computers & Technology
Grades 3-8

Technology is everywhere! Become fully immersed in the world of mechatronics, software and electrical engineering, where students are encouraged to use their minds to build their own electronics. The future is computers and technology, students with this interest are thinking well ahead!

All computers & technology curriculums will include:

  • Electronic Projects: campers create awesome electric projects that involve soldering and circuits.
  • Software Engineering Project: Under the instruction of university mentors, campers learn how to code and develop their own software programs.
  • Lego Robots: put your imagination and creativity to work in a team setting to build robots using the advanced Lego NXT Mindstorms.
  • Codemakers Project: Each camp will offer a computer programming activity designed to move youth from consumers of technology, to producers of technology.
  • Math is used every day in our daily lives. Each week, campers will experience a thrilling real life math application.
  • Throughout the week each class will do hands-on and interactive projects focusing on different aspects of computers, electronics and software.