Engineering & Science
Grades 1-8

Engineering and Science brings the hands-on STEM experience to another level, from dissections to performing chemistry experiments, the laboratory will become a second home. Gain a core understanding of what it takes to be involved in a STEM field while being motivated to think outside the box. This program is beneficial for anyone with an interest in STEM.

All engineering & science curriculums will include:

  • Dissections: campers will get the unique opportunity to dissect various specimens in McMaster’s new biology facilities. Each class will perform a different dissection.
  • Chemistry Lab: campers preform exciting and interactive chemistry experiments in one of McMaster’s chemistry labs.  Each class will do a unique experiment.
  • Chem Show: A special theatrical performance put on by the Venture Staff showcasing exciting chemistry experiments on Wednesday afternoons. 
  • Math is used every day in our daily life.  Each week, campers will experience a thrilling real life math application.