Venture Staff

Meet the 2017 Venture Team:

Glenne, Director

Hi! My name is Glenne and I am going into my fifth year of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. I started loving science as soon as I learned what it was and have not stopped since. It intrigued me because I like to understand everything around me and science lets me do that. When I was younger I was the type of girl who always wore dresses and played with dolls but, that did not stop me from being into STEM activities, and I hope it will not stop any other girl! I am so excited to be spending my third summer at Venture this time as a Director this summer. By working here I get to combine two of my passions engineering and working with children. I believe it’s really important to get young children involved in learning STEM and I cannot wait to be a part of exposing them to Engineering and Science.  I am ready to have the best summer yet!


Owen, Director

Hey! My name is Owen and I am in my fifth year of Materials Engineering and Society with a minor in business at McMaster University. I am also currently a member on McMaster University’s varsity men’s rugby team. I love playing sports and spending time in the outdoors. I have enjoyed building things with my hands and figuring out how things worked since a young age so engineering is the perfect fit for me. Someday I hope to be my own boss and have my own engineering company. I am super excited for the upcoming summer at Venture and can’t  wait to have the opportunity to inspire others to pursue Engineering. 


Taylor, Director of Curriculum

Hi guys! I'm Taylor and I'm in my fifth year of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering here at Mac!  When I was little I loved playing with K’Nex and Lego and in school I loved all types of science and math. When I got a little older I realized how cool electricity and technology are and decided that some type of Electrical Engineering was what I needed to be doing. Now that I’m at Mac I get to do science and math and learn about electricity all day every day and I’m having tons of fun! When I finish school I really want to help improve people’s lives and hope to be able to build Robotic Prosthetic limbs and hearing aids.
In my spare time I like being outdoors and going fishing and hiking and training my puppy to do cool tricks! I'm super excited for this summer at Venture and can't wait to meet you all!!!


Patrick, Assistant Operations

Hey! I'm Patrick, and I am in my fifth year of Civil Engineering and Management. I was once a Venture camper myself for many summers in both the Engineering & Science, and the Computers & Technology stream. I took an interest in science at a very young age, and I hope to motivate others to enter into STEM fields. My main interest within civil engineering is the structural component where we understand how buildings are constructed, maintained, and how new designs can be implemented. In my spare time I love to travel, stay active by taking hikes to the many Hamilton waterfalls, and golfing!  I am very much looking forward to a great summer ahead where I'll be able to implement what I have learned the past three years, give kids a place to explore science, and most importantly, have fun!

Jack - Engineering and Science Curriculum Coordinator

Hey guys! My name is Jack, I am in my fourth year of Mechanical Engineering and Society. As a child, I had a strong interest with how things worked and spent most of my earlier days playing with Lego. I was very interested with what made structures strong, what made different parts move and what functions they performed. These interests grew as I went through school and ultimately lead to my decision to go into Mechanical Engineering. The society portion carters to an emerging interest I have in regards to sustainability and problems that our society faces. When I am not studying, I like to spend my time playing sports such as Ultimate Frisbee and Hockey, and play on the McMaster Ultimate team. I have a strong passion for the outdoors that was built up by attending camps since I was eight years old, and enjoy doing recreational canoeing. I am excited to be apart of the Venture Team and hoping to make this a great summer!

Jimmy - Software and Electronics Curriculum Coordinator

Hey everyone! I'm Jimmy and I just finished my fourth year of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at McMaster.  As a kid, I was fascinated with  computers and electronics, and I always took apart my RC cars and television remotes just to see what they looked like on the inside. At McMaster, I've learned a lot about using electronics to build robots, and also how to apply robotics in the field of biology and medicine to help patients with their injuries. In my spare time, I like to go swimming and hang out with my friends. I'm really excited and can't wait to inspire all the young campers to pursue Engineering!

Pasquale, Computers and Technology Curriculum Coordinator

Hi! My name is Pasquale and I am in my third year of Mechanical Engineering at McMaster University.  I chose Mechanical Engineering because I am very interested in moving parts and how the motion of one part affects the other.  My inspiration for science and engineering came from Venture.  As a child, I attended Venture multiple times and I am extremely excited to be apart of the Venture team this summer! I hope to give the campers the same amazing experience I had not so long ago. Aside from engineering, I enjoy both playing and watching soccer and I am a proud and passionate fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I can't wait to get this summer underway and have a great time!

Rachel, Multimedia Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel and I’m in my fourth year of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering here at McMaster! Growing up I came to Venture and LEAP programs and they are a big reason why I came to McMaster for engineering. I can’t say how thankful I am to have to opportunity to give back to future generations of Mac Engineers! I’m super excited to be working at Venture this summer and am looking forward to keeping everyone well connected to what’s happening at Venture through social media! In my spare time I like walking my dog, kayaking and rollerblading along the Hamilton waterfront. I absolutely love the outdoors, almost as much as I love Venture. Looking forward to meeting everyone this summer and having a great time at Venture!

Stefania - Eng&Sci Gr. 1/2

Hey! I’m Stefania and I am going into my second year of Engineering at McMaster.  Ever since I wrote a speech in Grade 6 about the plight of bees I have been passionate about the environment and hope to use a degree in Civil Engineering and Society to work in the Environmental and Geological engineering field.  In my spare time you can find me adding to my shoe collection or on the field kicking around a soccer ball!  I can’t wait to spend the summer with you all and share my passion for engineering and all STEM opportunities.

Olivia - Eng&Sci Gr. 1/2

Hello! I'm Olivia and I am going into my third year of Civil Engineering at McMaster. When I was young I loved the sciences and maths, and was always incredibly curious about why and how the world worked. So, one day when my parents came home to find I had drank all the juice boxes and made a giant structure, they set me on the path of engineering! In the future, I am looking to specialize in transportation and implementing smart technology in our roads. In my spare time I enjoy traveling to major hiking destinations, embroidery and learning how to play my ukulele. I hope to encourage everyone I meet to join the STEM fields, especially all the young women! I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the summer, and I cannot wait to have a great time learning and making discoveries at Venture with you!!

Thomas - Eng&Sci Gr. 3/4

Salutations! My name is Thomas and I'm currently entering my third year of Mechanical Engineering & Society with an anticipated minor in Environmental Science at McMaster University! I've always enjoyed taking apart Lego sets and building things outside of the instructions and I feel that the society designation offers a more rounded engineering experience to the mechanical curriculum. Ever since I enrolled as a venture camper many years ago I had an interest in both engineering and teaching others. I am involved with the McMaster Baja racing team and love learning how to use design software. I enjoy riding my bike and building computers as well as getting involved in school activities wherever I can. I began my path to venture as a camper as a camper and continued as a volunteer Junior Councillor for the LEAP camp for grade 9-11 students. Now, as an adamant venture instructor I aim to impart the same passion for science and engineering that I was showed onto future generations!

Natalie - Eng&Sci Gr. 3/4

Hi everyone! My name is Natalie and I’m in my second year of Chemical Engineering at McMaster University. My interest in science started from a young age with science experiments being my favourite part of school. What made science interesting for me was doing hands on experiments which made it easier to understand the concepts behind it. I love learning about STEM and teaching how it’s involved everywhere in the real world! In my free time, I love biking to be active as well as hiking to Hamilton’s waterfalls. I can’t wait to introduce kids to the various science and engineering fields there are and the fun opportunities all of them have. I am very excited to be a part of Venture and I hope to make this summer the best one yet!!!

Michael - Eng&Sci Gr. 5/6

Hey! My name is Michael and I am going into my third year of Mechanical Engineering and Management at McMaster University. I wanted to be an engineer ever since I was young, because I always wanted to know how everything worked and would take apart everything I could get my hands on. Science and engineering has always been a big part of my life from every RC car my parents bought me for my birthday ending up in pieces in a couple of months so I could see what made it go, or when I was younger I insisted on making a working wind turbine for my science fair. Now that I'm older I want to pay that forward and motivate kids to take as big an interest in science and engineering as I did. In my free time I like to go swimming in my local pool and play video games.

Natalie - Eng&Sci Gr. 5/6

Hey! My name is Natalie and I am going into my second year of Civil Engineering at McMaster University. Growing up I was a Venture camper for many years.  It gave me the opportunity to explore science and engineering and I got to participate in a variety of cool projects. Through these experiences I became inspired to pursue engineering here at McMaster. I’ve always enjoyed building things and working with my hands. I believe it is important to introduce youth to STEM fields and open their minds to new possibilities. I am interested in the structural and environmental aspects of civil engineering and in the future I hope to use my knowledge and skills to help improve water quality and availability in less developed countries around the world. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, hiking, playing musical instruments, hockey and soccer. I am excited to work at Venture this year and looking forward to an awesome summer!

Jennifer - Eng&Sci Gr. 7/8

Hola! My name is Jennifer and I am in my third year of Chemical Engineering and Management. I decided to become an instructor because I love interacting with others, and I am very passionate about engineering. To me, engineering is about solving problems in an easy and practical way to help others. In the future, I hope to design water treatment processes to deliver clean water to all. My favourite subjects are math and chemistry, but I also love to draw! Some of my hobbies include playing board games, video games, and swimming! I am very excited for this summer and I can't wait to meet you!

Eric - Eng&Sci Gr. 7/8

Hello soon-to-be-friends, I'm Eric and I am starting my fourth year of Mechanical Engineering. I love learning about how things work and how things are made, so studying Mechanical Engineering seemed to make sense for me. I am super interested in many things engineering-related, such as product design, remote control quadcopters and big machines--all pretty neat things. Outside of school things, I love taking photos, performing improv comedy, cooking, exploring waterfalls or forests, and gardening. I hope to one day start a Mechanical Design firm and spend every day making really cool products that make everyone's life easier. The plan for this summer is to get everyone super excited about technology and engineering and for everyone to realize how much fun designing and building things can be! We can't wait to meet you this summer and get you as excited about science as we are!

Noah - Comp&Tech Gr. 3/4

Hey! My name is Noah, and I just finished my first year of Automotive Technology at McMaster University, and am very excited to be transferring into the Engineering I program. Growing up I was constantly asking questions about how things work, always curious about machines and structures. In elementary school I joined a FIRST Lego League Team where we built Lego robots using NXT Mindstorms. This developed into a passion for mechanical design and programming. Through high school I joined a FIRST Robotics team where I worked alongside professional engineers, designing, building, and testing robots to play a game against other teams. At university, I am now a mentor for the same robotics team, taking what I learn in school and teaching it to the new team members. In my spare time I enjoy building RC Planes.  I am super excited to be a part of the Venture Team and looking forward to an exciting summer.

Razanne - Comp&Tech Gr. 3/4

Hey! My name is Razanne and I am going into my second year of Biotechnology. In the future I want to help improve people’s lives by curing genetic diseases.  I always loved Biology and Chemistry in school, so attending Venture as a camper was always my favourite time of summer as a kid. Venture helped me realize that I wanted to go into a Science/Engineering program. I loved my time here so much that I came back as a Junior Counsellor and now as a Counsellor! In my free time I like going on hikes, hang out with my friends and going swimming. I am super excited to be working at Venture this summer and to share my love for science with the campers. I cannot wait to meet everyone; it’s going to be a great summer!

Veronika - Comp&Tech Gr. 5/6

Howdy y'all! My name is Veronika and I am going into my second year of Mechanical Engineering at McMaster. Growing up I loved the idea of creating gadgets, whether that was making a LEGO house for one of my many stuffed animals, or designing something like a desk organizer to keep things tidy. My favourite courses in school were science - especially physics - and math, and I was fascinated how people could use these subjects to make things in the real world. Now, many years later, I'm in school learning how to design moving systems, like rollercoasters, or elevators! Wicked cool stuff. In my free time I love jamming out on my ukulele and watching Disney movies. I'm excited to meet all of you cool cats this summer and explore the world of science together! 

Geoff - Comp&Tech Gr. 5/6

Hey there!  My name is Geoff, I am going into my second year of Electrical Engineering, and I enjoy photography, biking, and canoeing! In my career, I hope to develop new and creative solutions to environmental problems in power generation or through the development of new innovative devices. Throughout my life, I have always loved to be creative and design new things. When I was younger, the Venture team came to teach at my school almost every year through the traveling workshops. The fantastic staff and interactive projects impacted me and inspired me to become a staff member myself. I'm looking forward to teaching others about the amazing, endless world of opportunities science and engineering provides!

Liz - Comp&Tech Gr. 7/8

Hey! My name is Liz and I am going into my third year of Mechatronics and Society Engineering.  I really enjoyed math and science as a child, but I didn’t realize I really wanted to be an engineer until well into my first semester at McMaster! I am so excited to share my love for engineering this summer at Venture so that I can inspire kids like I was to get interested in STEM. My program Mechatronics is a great fit for me because it combines many engineering disciplines (software, electrical, mechanical), they were all so interesting I couldn’t pick just one. In my free time I like to do ballet, make cupcakes, and go on adventures. I am super excited for this summer, can’t wait to see you there!

Lance - Comp&Tech Gr. 7/8

Hey! My name is Lance and I am going into my second year of Computer Engineering. I have always enjoyed doing math and science, and when I got older I found myself playing around with computers and phones in my free time, so I decided to incorporate computers into my degree! I also enjoy snowboarding and playing video games in my free time. Since technology is so common now, I believe it’s important for the younger generation to understand it early. I can’t wait to show young children what I enjoyed doing in my high school years as soon as possible and hopefully encourage them to pursue an engineering career!

Samantha - Codemakers Introductory

Hello everyone! My name is Samantha and I am going into my second year of Process Automation Technology. Process Automation Technology is a mixture of chemical, mechanical, electrical and computer engineering with an emphasis on the industrial process. I have had a love for math and science since I was little. I loved playing with Legos and building robots. I used to compete in FIRST and VEX competitions. In my spare time I love hanging out with my friends, going swimming, bike rides and reading. I am really excited to be part of the venture team and to inspire all the campers to pursue engineering and technology!

Gabriel - Codemakers Introductory

Hey! My name is Gabriel and I'm going into my second year of Computer Science at McMaster University. I am currently on McMaster's Engineering Society council as well as the Computer Science Society council. I love programming and have been doing it since I was very young (around 8 years old if memory serves) and have been building computers ever since I got my part time job in grade 9. I hope to make something that can impact the world in a meaningful and long lasting way. I've always been passionate about sharing what I've learned about computers and technology and that's why I'm extremely excited to be an instructor this summer and impart my knowledge onto young passionate minds.

Anna - Codemakers Advanced

Hello everyone! My name is Anna and I am going into my third year of Computer Science at McMaster University. Ever since I was a kid, I always had an interest in software, especially with video games. However, I rarely considered software engineering as a career because it never seemed like something girls would do. It wasn't until my last year of high school where I realized that I really enjoyed learning about programming. I thought it was amazing how you could instruct computers in order to create innovative things that can potentially change the world, like in education and medicine. At Venture, I hope to reach out to many young children about computer science and inspire them to follow their interests. I'm looking forward to a great summer with all of you!

Andrew - Codemakers Advanced

Hey! My name is Andrew and I am going into my third year of Computer Science! I am focusing in Business Informatics which is the intersection of business and technology. As a child I was very interested in technology and computers. These interests grew as I took apart electronics, learned to code, and eventually chose McMaster to study Computer Science. When I am not sitting behind a computer screen I love to get outdoors to go hiking, camping or to the beach. I am super stoked to work at Venture this summer and help others realize the power of coding and software. I cannot wait to get started and have a great summer!

Gill - Yes She Can!

Hey! My name is Gill and I am going into my fourth and final year of Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering is all about designing our cities from buildings and bridges, to transportation and water resource engineering. I have always loved looking at big buildings and my favourite part of civil has been analyzing and designing structures. I have always loved math and science and civil design courses have allowed me to apply theoretical principals to design applications. One day, I hope to design skyscrapers! I really enjoy spending my free time outside, keeping active; I am on the McMaster rowing team and in my spare time I love running and playing other sports. I also play the violin and love listening to all types of music. I am really excited to be back at Venture for my second summer and I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Olivia - Yes She Can!

Hi! My name is Olivia and I am going into my fourth year of Civil Engineering and Society at McMaster University. As a kid I was always found taking things apart and putting them back together. Throughout school I really enjoyed learning about Math and Science and I attended the GoEngGirl events from grade seven to grade ten. This really opened up my eyes to the endless possibilities in the STEM fields and I decided to pursue engineering at Mac. I am also very passionate about activities outside of school such as playing sports, watching Survivor and spending time with my family. I believe that it is very important to stay well rounded and balanced in life! I am very excited to be a Venture Instructor this summer so I can inspire young minds to find their passion the same way that I was inspired.

Michael - Lab Assistant

Hey! My name is Michael and I am going into my third year of Process Automation Technology at McMaster University. I love my program because I am able to learn and show off my engineering skills by doing lots hands on projects. My main interest is being able to create automated system to make things easier for myself and others. I have been interesting in creating things ever since I was a kid and would spend endless hours in my basement playing with lego. Through Venture I hope to create the best time possible for everyone and to inspire other future engineers and scientists this summer.