Teachers' Comments

2014 Teachers' Comments

"The workshop was very good at keeping the students engaged.  Your instructors were very good at keeping our kids on task.  They really enjoyed themselves."

"The instructors were AMAZING! The workshop was incredibly engaging for kids.  They learned SO much and had a great time!  Thank you so much for a great morning!  Come back any time! :)"

"Thank you!  Your workshop connected to the Gr. 2 science curriculum perfectly.  It was hands-on and kept the students engaged.  I liked how you related it to real-life engineering careers!"

"It was fantastic to have such enthusiastic presenters." 

"Excellent concepts presented.  Instructors communicated concepts clearly and professionally.  Excellent programming!"

"Great job - good instructions and wait time for students to complete each step.  Students were excited to complete project (elastic powered car).  Excellent job. "

"The workshop perfectly complemented the curriculum expectations for movement and simple machines.  LOVED IT!"

"Very good job. This was an engaging workshop for all those involved, even those at a lower reading level. Awesome Job!"